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David M. Walsh Enterprises, Inc. is a consulting firm based in Hanover, MA providing support to Macintosh users. Our services include: We can be reached via email at dmwalsh@dmwalsh.com, fax or phone at (781) 871-5356. If you wish to send private or confidential information and prefer email, our PGP public key is available via automated response by emailing pgpkey@dmwalsh.com. For a complete list of email addresses and automated response addresses please send email to contacts@dmwalsh.com

The founder, David M. Walsh Jr., has been professionally supporting the Macintosh computer since 1987. He started as an Apple certified service technician and then worked as a System Engineer designing and installing new networks and network upgrades, as well as providing troubleshooting on existing networks. During all that time, he has also been providing software troubleshooting and tutorials in a variety of environments from the home to schools and businesses.

David M. Walsh Enterprises, Inc.
116 Meadowbrook Rd.
Hanover, MA 02339-1547
(781) 871-5356

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