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Apple Sites

Apple Computer
Apple Computer, Inc. Home Page.
Apple Computer's Info & Support pages
The Apple Tech Info Library

Hardware Vendors

American Power Conversion
Makers of UPS's, automatic shutdown software and various network power protection equipment.
APS Technologies
Mail order reseller of HDs, tape units, and other miscellaneous peripherals.
Makers of network hardware, including NICs, hubs, switches and routers.
Farallon Home Page
Makers of network hardware.
Makers of DeskWriter and Laserjet printers.
Iomega corp.
Makers of Zip drives, Bernoulli Transportable drives, and Jaz drives.
Netopia, Inc.
Makers of Netowrk hardware and software, including Timbuktu.

Software Vendors

New owners of Bryce image creation software and some other former MetaCreations software.
Makers of Canvas and Coach Pro spell checker
FileMaker, Inc.
Database company formerly part of Claris, Inc. which has been reabsorbed into Apple.
Former image creation, manipulation software firm. Products included Bryce, Kai's Power Tools, and Kai's Power Photos.
Microsoft, Inc.
Software giant that needs no introduction (I hope...)
Netscape Communications
Makers of the Web browser software Netscape Communicator.

Informational Sites

The Boston BBS's Home Page
A Boston based FirstClass BBS now on the Internet, very friendly folks and lots of useful information. Full privileges restricted to members, but you can sign up for a free 10-day trial membership (see site for details.)
This is the root page of the info-mac HyperArchive.
Macintosh news site affilited with MacWorld Magazine.
Pair Networks
Webhosting company which houses the David M. Walsh Enterprises, Inc. web pages.
Todd Gross' Weather/Astronomy Page
Local (Boston) weatherman's home page with interesting links.
United Computer Exchange Corporation
Maintains a list of current prices for New/Used computers.
USA Today
USA Today Home Page

Movie Sites

Internet Movie DB
The most complete database of Movies and related info on the Internet - a must see!
Sony Pictures
Warner Brothers Movie site

Television Sites

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
A fascinating place to visit, but heavy on the graphics.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The official website of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer show on WB. Great show, lots of pictures and info to be found here.

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